We regularly receive thank-you cards and letters from new and long-time clients, as well as positive reviews on our Facebook page and other online review pages. Here, we would like to share some of our favorites:

Thank you, Dr. Badeau, for being so kind and patient with my little old man. I will highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for amazing vet care during any hour of the day!

– Shelley, March 2016

I cannot thank the staff at Bolton Vet enough for coming to our rescue last night. Never stop being amazing and so passionate about your careers.

– Jess, February 2016


If given the choice, I would not bring my bunny anywhere else due to such a high level of care provided. Definitely would recommend as vets that treat exotics can be hard to come by. – Stephanie, October 2015

We drive all the way from Bristol for the amazing staff. Everyone is very knowledgeable and you can tell that they genuinely care about the animals they see. I cannot say enough about how amazing they are and how much we love them. Our pup is a member of our family and it is great to have found a practice that treats him as such.  – Ashley, October 2015

I found that Bolton was open 24/7 and rushed my cat over. Immediately the vet tech embraced her and gave her the love of a family member and took care of her right away. I felt a huge weight lifted off my heart knowing that she was in loving hands. They took care of my kitty as if she was their own. From that day forward, Bolton became my family vet. I have been going to Bolton for at least 6 years and every single time my love bugs have been given the utmost respect, care and attention. I am so grateful to all of the staff that I wouldn’t trade this vet hospital for the world. – Karen, February 2016

Bolton Veterinary Hospital has over the past 40 years treated our cats. We have found them to be a caring and compassionate team of Veterinarians and Technicians.  – Enid, August 2015

I love the staff at Bolton Veterinary Hospital! They are so kind, caring and sympathetic. We recently lost our pet and they were so good to us during those difficult last days with him. They sent us a sympathy card signed by the staff who cared for our sweet boy. They are incredibly thoughtful and really care about both the pets and the families. We highly recommend them for animal care. Their emergency care clinic staff is wonderful as well. It’s nice that they are available 24 hours a day.  – Leigh, August 2015

The vets here are amazing. They gave my mouse a comfortable extra month with me, and when the time came, they were very warm and made the process as easy on me as possible. Of course letting a pet go is never easy, but they made it a warm and love-filled experience, and I could not ask for more.  – Jennifer, March 2015

Let’s face it, no one (our fuzzy friends included) actually *wants* to go to the vet, but Bolton Veterinary Clinic makes it the best experience possible. They deserve 6 out of 5 stars! They have everything you could want from a veterinary clinic. They have top of the line equipment allowing for very safe surgical procedures. They also have a large team of veterinarians, who have a wide variety of specialties and interests. This ensures that regardless of the type of pet or type of problem, your pet will be treated by qualified staff. They are also open 24/7, which is a huge plus as my pets have a knack for getting sick outside of traditional working hours. All of the staff are competent, professional, and compassionate. They are always interested in my pets and ask about the ones I have at home when I visit. This may also be a sign that I visit them too frequently, but the personal touch is what puts them over the top. I have even received cards with sympathetic notes when my pets have passed away. Thanks to everyone there, your hard work is appreciated!  – Stacy, July 2014