Dr. Griswold joined us as a technician in 1996 while attending Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine to begin a second career as a veterinarian after working for IBM for 16 years. She completed her undergraduate requirements at UConn, graduated from Tufts in 1999, and continued with us as a veterinarian. Dr. Griswold chose to stay with us because she appreciated the dedicated staff of committed and skilled doctors who are always willing to pitch in and help out on a tough case, the skilled technicians, our on-site diagnostic services, the availability of a board-certified surgeon, cardiologist and internists, and the fact that we offer 24-hour care.   She also finds the wide variety of pets and cases that we see to be both challenging and rewarding.  She treats dogs and cats and her area of special interest is internal medicine. She and her husband enjoy birding, hiking, kayaking, reading, and movies.