Dr. Pesce received her bachelor’s degree at Stony Brook University in Neurobiology & Physiology in 2008, then went on to vet school at Cornell University, graduating in 2012. She later pursued training for Certification in Veterinary Acupuncture in 2018-2019. Dr. Pesce chose to work at Bolton Vet for the opportunity to alongside many skilled doctors and technicians, each with their own special interests. Dr. Pesce’s favorite patients are exotic pets and wildlife; she has traveled to Costa Rica and Honduras to work with native birds, mammals, reptiles & amphibians. She is interested in understanding the natural history and behavior of all species kept as pets, as this can help us learn how to keep them healthy and live with them harmoniously. Her own pets include a pionus parrot, finches, a dog, a cat, and a flock of chickens. She also maintains honey bee hives in her backyard and at an organic farm in Lebanon. Dr. Pesce has enjoys exploring local & state parks, restoring a house built in the 1800s (the last century or so was rough on it), backyard birdwatching, gardening, and visiting with friends.