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Marijuana Toxicity

As legal use of marijuana becomes more widespread, accidental consumption of these products by our pets surely follows. Many dog owners are surprised their dog would show interest in searching out marijuana-containing products other than edibles, but in fact, dogs will readily consume the plant material itself, as well as derivative products. Edibles are exponentially [...]

Why Do I Have to Wait So Long to See My Veterinarian?

While you may have been accustomed to waiting a day or two when you called to schedule an appointment for your pet, now you likely have to wait days, weeks, or perhaps months, to get a routine veterinary appointment. We strive to care for every pet who needs us, but the entire nation is facing [...]

Common Senior Pet Health Conditions

Accepting the reality that our pets aren’t as young as they once were is hard. Many owners find it easier to overlook subtle aging signs and make excuses for their pet's behavior changes and decreased activity. Unfortunately, denying senior pet issues can cause unnecessary pain and suffering. Accepting your pet's senior status is the only [...]

The Full Scoop—Pet Intestinal Parasite FAQ

When you schedule your pet’s annual wellness exam at Bolton Veterinary Hospital, you’re reminded to bring a fresh stool sample. At check-in, owners are often so eager to surrender their pet’s smelly deposit that they seldom ask why we requested, or what we do with the sample—but we know they wonder as much. This month [...]

7 Reasons You Should Be Concerned About Pet Obesity

You may not realize that your pet has added a few pounds to their waist line, but you should be concerned if their weight is increasing. Pets are considered overweight if they are 10 to 20 percent heavier than their ideal weight, and obesity can significantly jeopardize your pet’s health and quality of life. Here [...]

FAQs About Microchipping Your Pet

About 10 million pets are lost each year in the United States, and many are placed in animal shelters. Tragically, the majority have no identification and cannot be returned to their owner. We strongly promote microchipping, because microchipped pets are much more likely to be returned to their homes should they go missing. However, you [...]

What If This Time It’s Forever?—Canine Separation Anxiety

Dogs live in the moment without a true concept of time, so their owner’s daily absence can feel like an eternity, especially if they suffer with separation anxiety. Bolton Veterinary Hospital wants to help you understand this stressful disorder, and how we can help you alleviate your pet’s anxiety. What is separation anxiety in pets? [...]

7 Ways to Protect Your Pet This Summer

As the summer temperatures rise, don’t let the odds of your pet becoming an emergency also rise. Here is a list of a list of summer tips, so you and your pet can enjoy the sun without the burn, and the heat without the risk.  #1: Love them and leave them—know when to say “No” [...]

Things That Go Boom: Fireworks, Thunderstorms, and Your Pet

Summer has a dark side for many pets. Sandwiched between days of idyllic sunshine, fresh air, and quality family time are periods of intense fear, uncertainty, and confusion. Noise aversion (i.e., noise sensitivity or phobia) is characterized by an intense and fearful reaction to loud sounds, such as summer fireworks and thunderstorms. At Bolton Veterinary [...]

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