7 Ways to Protect Your Pet This Summer

As the summer temperatures rise, don’t let the odds of your pet becoming an emergency also rise. Here is a list of a list of summer tips, so you and your pet can enjoy the sun without the burn, and the heat without the risk.  #1: Love them and leave them—know when to say “No” [...]

Things That Go Boom: Fireworks, Thunderstorms, and Your Pet

Summer has a dark side for many pets. Sandwiched between days of idyllic sunshine, fresh air, and quality family time are periods of intense fear, uncertainty, and confusion. Noise aversion (i.e., noise sensitivity or phobia) is characterized by an intense and fearful reaction to loud sounds, such as summer fireworks and thunderstorms. At Bolton Veterinary [...]

Why Is My Cat Misbehaving?

Cats are intelligent animals who need stimulation throughout their day to prevent boredom. A bored cat is a naughty cat. If you have ensured your cat’s environment is enriched, but they are still demonstrating inappropriate behavior, have no fear. The team at Bolton Veterinary Hospital wants to share information about what causes these problems in [...]

7 Myths About Heartworm Disease in Pets

You may think you understand all about heartworm disease after hearing our veterinary team recommend prevention for the umpteenth time. But many myths circulate about this deadly parasite. In fact, misconceptions may be partly to blame for more than 1,800 cases of heartworm disease diagnosed in Connecticut pets last year. At Bolton Vet, we diagnose [...]

5 Common Pet Toxins You Need to Know

Each year, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) works tirelessly to help veterinarians and pet owners address animal poisonings and exposures with their 24-hour poison control hotline. Additionally, they publish a yearly top 10 list of the most commonly reported pet toxicities. According to their [...]

How to Make Training Your New Puppy Fun and Rewarding

There is nothing like the sensation of bringing home a new puppy. The warmth, the unbelievably soft fur, and—if you’re one to enjoy it—the puppy breath. That your little, roly poly bundle will quickly become a rambunctious teenager may seem impossible, but get ready. Training your new pup from the get-go is essential to raise [...]

New Kitten Primer

Have you just adopted your first kitten, or maybe this is just the first cat you've had in a long time? There's a lot to plan for and educate yourself about, and this article will guide you through it. Where to Find a Kitten Haven't got your new kitty yet? Shelters and private rescue groups [...]

Feline Nutrition: The “Carnivore Connection”

Have you ever considered the differences between dog food and cat food? Or the differences between what our pet’s ancestors would have eaten, and what we feed them today? There is no species to whom this matters more than our feline friends. Both dogs and cats prefer to eat predominantly meat, but a cat’s physiology [...]

Heart Disease in Pets: Prevention, Recognition, and Treatment

Your pet’s happy-go-lucky nature makes it easy to forget that their anatomy is similar to yours, and equally complex. A disease that affects an organ can throw off your pet’s internal balance, or homeostasis. Your pet’s heart is a vital organ that pumps blood through their body, helps maintain blood pressure, and ensures oxygen delivery [...]

Flea Control: Prevention and Problem-Solving

Prevention is Key A few fleas that make their way onto your pet can quickly escalate into a serious problem in your home. Without a comprehensive plan for flea control, owners can find themselves fighting a losing battle. A flea infested dog or cat can introduce hundreds of new flea eggs into the home each [...]

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