Heart Disease in Pets: Prevention, Recognition, and Treatment

Your pet’s happy-go-lucky nature makes it easy to forget that their anatomy is similar to yours, and equally complex. A disease that affects an organ can throw off your pet’s internal balance, or homeostasis. Your pet’s heart is a vital organ that pumps blood through their body, helps maintain blood pressure, and ensures oxygen delivery [...]

Flea Control: Prevention and Problem-Solving

Prevention is Key A few fleas that make their way onto your pet can quickly escalate into a serious problem in your home. Without a comprehensive plan for flea control, owners can find themselves fighting a losing battle. A flea infested dog or cat can introduce hundreds of new flea eggs into the home each [...]

Arthritis Management

Arthritis management is best approached comprehensively, by managing pain, preventing further degeneration of joints, maintaining muscle mass, and assuring a pet's body weight is not making matters worse. Here are the key elements to consider... Weight loss. As arthritis develops and joints began to hurt, a dog may become became less able to exercise or [...]

Worried About Vaccine Reactions?

While some vaccinations are considered “core” or required by law, many others are lifestyle-dependent, and certainly not all pets require every vaccine. On onehand we are fortunate that some of the most ominous diseases can be preventedwith something as simple as a vaccine, but of course there are some pets whose immune systems do not [...]

New Puppy Primer

Have you just adopted your first puppy, or maybe this is just the first puppy you've had in a long  time? There's a lot to plan for and educate yourself about, and this article will guide you through it. Where to Find a Puppy Haven't got your new puppy yet? Of course there are loads [...]

Tips for Exotic Pet Care

The title “Exotic Pets” refers to a huge range of animals - birds, reptiles, small mammals, even insects - but there are a few general ideas that can be applied to all of these “special species” to better manage their care. Get the Basics Right - A huge proportion of exotic pets’ health problems are [...]

Holistic & Complementary Veterinary Medicine

In recent years, pet owners and veterinarians have taken a greater interest in a holistic approach to health care. By definition, a holistic health exam should include discussion of all aspects of the pet's lifestyle: Their medical history, diet, activity level, and their social interactions with humans and other pets are all taken into consideration. A holistic approach to [...]

What Should I Feed My Pet?

How do I decide what to feed my dog or cat? Assuming your pet is generally in good health, without any specific dietary sensitivities or food allergies... There is still no simple answer! There are countless options to choose from in a maintenance diet for dogs and cats, and a healthy pet will do reasonably [...]

Emergency Preparedness for Families with Pets

An emergency situation may be as broad­reaching as a natural disaster, or as simple as a gas leak or minor flooding that requires a handful of families to leave their homes for a few hours. Whether the situation is catastrophic or a temporary interruption of normalcy, anyone can be affected by an emergency situation. Take [...]

Dental Care for Pets

Just like humans, pets require dental care. Preventative measures such as brushing teeth can help reduce or eliminate the need for more intensive dental cleaning. The need for dental care may vary given a pet's age, species, breed, and diet. We hope this article will help you develop the best possible maintenance care routine for [...]

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