Slide A Legacy of Love Dr. Allan A Leventhal, founder of Bolton Veterinary Hospital, served in World War II and was based in Italy and France. His original squadron consisted of 23 men. Sadly, only five returned in 1945, two of whom were POWs.

During this time, their squadron had a dog named Rowdy. Rowdy followed the squadron to different locations through the duration of their deployment. Dr. Leventhal carried many pictures of Rowdy with him. He hoped to return to the States with Rowdy, but at the time, this was not permitted.

In honor of Rowdy, Dr. Leventhal’s family named their first dog after him. We can only imagine the comfort the original Rowdy provided Dr. Leventhal and the men in his squadron. In many ways, Dr. Leventhal was a man ahead of his time, who knew and understood the love and devotion dogs are capable of giving and sharing.

Slide Canine graduates of the Healers with Halos program continue to do therapy dog work in local nursing homes and school programs. Donations can be made in Dr. Leventhal's memory to the Allan Leventhal Memorial Fund to help other pets in need.