Never Forgotten

Urns & Keepsakes


Final Gift offers pet parents a sense of comfort and peace of mind. At every step along the way, we promise to care for your beloved pet as if they were our own.


Serenity Urn

Add a favorite photo of your beloved friend to their final resting place and remember a life well-lived.

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Paw Print Tin

The understated simplicity of the Paw Print Tin urn is a dignified resting place for your beloved friend. Also a great option if you choose to scatter the cremated remains at a special location of your choosing.

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Trail to Heaven Series

Classically designed with clean lines, this urn is a charming resting place for your pet’s remains.

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Remembrance Urn

This urn has a classic design and a latch, giving you a way to hold treasured keepsakes and remember your pet.

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Cedar Memorial Urn

This classic urn is a timeless way to preserve remember your treasured pet.

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Hand-Carved Rosewood Urn

Enjoy the beauty and detail of this hand-carved piece of art that graces the top of this unique wooden urn.

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“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

-Anatole France

Keepsake Urns

For exotics/pocket pets under 3 pounds only.

Trail to Heaven Keepsake Heart

Classically designed, this keepsake heart is a charming resting place for your pet’s cremated remains.

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Paws of Remembrance

Treasure the memory of your pet with a lasting impression of their unique paw print. Encapsulate in a beautiful faux leather display case, your pet’s paw print is forever preserved in white clay.

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Trail to Heaven Keepsake Urn

Our Trail to Heaven Keepsake Urn is a charming resting place for your loved one’s cremains.

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Brilliance Urn

Cherish your pet forever with our Brilliance Urn.

Shale Silhouette Urn (Rabbit)

Embrace the peaceful memories of your pet bunny with this elegantly designed urn inlaid with playful bunny silhouettes.

Capacity up to 30 lbs.

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Brushed Finished Urn (Bronze)

Always remembered and always attractive. The sleek design of these bronze-finished urns will keep your pet’s cremains safely inside, giving them the respect and dignity they deserve.

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